craftsmen dedicated to the pursuit of excellence

This website is under construction, but if you are looking for help with designing, prototyping or manufacturing your product, feel free to ask how we can assist. As a coalition of makers, we have skill sets that include CAD/CAM and 3 axis CNC nested based machining, custom furniture designing and making, pottery, metal art and light fixtures, as well as high quality coffee roasting, chocolate making, and a number of others on the way.

When, by the mind and pen of a master designer an idea is transformed into a beautiful functional solution, and that blue print, together with best materials available is carefully, lovingly brought into the physical realm by the artisan's hands trained by years of experience, there can result a level of quality that goes beyond the tangible. It can be felt and understood. We believe there are still those who can discern and appreciate quality, and we make it our daily endeavor to design and craft those things that we can offer in the confidence that they will appeal to a sense of beauty, satisfy a need or function, but also inspire by quietly testifying to the care, the labor, and the bit of ourselves that we put into every creation.